Embodying a Life of Viniyoga

Holding a Space for Yoga & Āyurveda in Your Every Day

Friday, January 12th - Sunday, January 14th  

at Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Ave, Berkeley, CA 

Presented by Yoga Well Institute | Chase Bossart MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Friday, January 12th

Yoga for The New You Manifesting Your Most Authentic Life in 2018 

Patanjali's YogaSutra Study

Are you trying to make a sustainable change but keep getting stuck in your habits? 

What you identify your 'self' with and how you see yourself defined can limit your ability to grow. Often we get stuck in a habit without even realizing it. To truly establish healthy habits, you have to be willing to dig deep within yourself, to see what patterns are fueling your unhealthy behaviors.  

This is the first step to begin breaking free of these old habits.

Saturday, January 13th

Meditation for the Mind, Body & Soul Experiencing the Power of Meditation for Clarity & Focus

Too busy trying to quiet your mind to focus on your meditation?  

Though Yoga in the West is most commonly known for its physical effects, the primary emphasis of Yoga is actually the mind, and not the body. This focus on mind & the ability to concentrate is so prominent that one of the meanings of the word Yoga is simply...meditation.

Sunday, January 14th

The Yoga & Āyurveda Connection Incorporating diet & lifestyle with mind, breath & body 

pranayama workshop berkeley

How can the practice of yoga & āyurveda influence your everyday choices & your path of wellness? 

By bringing these practices into your life, you begin to reshape how you accept & digest every experience in your life. You can see this from how you interact with others & your self, to how you are able to identify out-of-balance triggers affecting your state of wellness.