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The Yoga of Krishnamacharya

Introducing Yourself to the Viniyoga Experience

Saturday, November 18 - Sunday, November 19 Nashville, TN Presented by Yoga Well Institute | Chase Bossart MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT  

Thank you to our hosts: Music City Yoga Festival | Half Moon Yoga | Liberation Yoga | Ganesha Temple 

Saturday, November 18th

Music City Yoga Festival @ Rocketown 10am-5pm 

If you listen closely, can you hear what your breath is trying to say?  

Chase Bossart will join Kate Moyer present Yoga Therapy & the Whole Connection during MCYF.  

Yoga therapy focuses around the deeper understanding of how the tools of yoga interact within each of us. Through yoga therapy, you learn to listen & understand your internal ‘voice’. As a result, you become actively engaged in managing your health & wellness.

The Path of Yoga on Your Path of Life Supporting Your Soul Through Yoga @ Half Moon Yoga, Franklin, TN 3:30pm - 6pm  

How does yoga guide you through the ‘real world’ issues & challenges in your daily life?  

Yoga is a process of transformation. You establish an āsana practice to gradually transform your body. When you focus on your breath, you gently transform your life energy (puruṣa). Practicing meditation provides strength to your clarity & focus. When you bring your attention to the individual, yoga gives you the tools to inspire & nurture your true self in all areas of life.

Sunday, November 19th

Meditation for the Mind, Body & Soul Aligning Your Practice to Center Your Focus @ Sri Ganesha Temple, Nashville, TN 10:30-12pm 

Too busy trying to quiet your mind to focus on your meditation?

Though Yoga in the West is most commonly known for its physical effects, the primary emphasis of Yoga is actually the mind, and not the body. This focus on mind & the ability to concentrate is so prominent that one of the meanings of the word Yoga is simply...meditation.

Strengthening Your Self through Yoga Bringing yourself to a state of liberation & freedom @Liberation Yoga, Nashville, TN 12:30pm - 3:30pm 

How can the perspective of applied yoga influence your everyday choices & the path of your life?

The carefully crafted experience of your personal yoga practice influences your state of being. Attention, movement, & breath give a sense of renewal, calm, and clarity. This ‘unification’ ignites your authentic core, giving you clarity to see what you can control verses what you allow to control you.

Yoga carries a rich source of learning through the literature handed down over the generations. These ancient texts guide you gently into the process for finding true contentment in your modern life; even when confronted with life’s most challenging choices.

Yoga Philosophy in Modern Life