How to Teach Meditation

February 8th and 22nd!

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7:45am – 8:45am Pacific time (10:45 am Eastern)

This class meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month immediately following the Wednesday Morning Meditation (occasional schedule changes occur). Registration in the Wednesday Morning Meditation class is included with in the registration for this class. If you sign up for How to Teach Meditation you will automatically be included in the Wednesday Morning Meditation class as well.

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You may already know that you want to learn much, much more about How To Teach Meditation. If you are a dedicated student, teacher or therapist this option is for you. We’ve made it easy to become a deep learner with the “more” option. You get a better monthly price ($99/month) when you jump in and say “keep me subscribed, I know I want to learn so much more!” We also priced this lower because we know you can’t make every Wednesday – but this option reminds you to stay involved as often as possible. We also send you the recordings afterwards so you can take them in on your own time. Don’t worry you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Want to try it out for a month? No problem. 1 month of How to Teach Meditation PLUS Wednesday Morning Meditations is just $109. This gives you a chance to experience this ancient method of teaching meditation in action. You’ll learn how to structure meditation practices in order to best serve your clients and students. We also send you the recordings afterwards so you can take them in on your own time.

Package includes one month of Wednesday Morning Meditations PLUS two Meditation Planning Course sessions.

How to Teach Meditation

Want to deepen your understanding of meditation and how to teach it? Twice a month, after the Wednesday Morning Meditations, I discuss the structure of that month’s meditations & the resulting experiences. Participants report that these discussions are extremely valuable for explaining the experiences they had and for understanding how to effectively teach meditation. If you want to know more about the underlying structure that makes a meditation work (or not work) this is a great class to take. The discussion covers a wide range of meditation topics including:

  • Specifics about the asanas and pra?ayamas used as preparation and how varying them would have changed the experience
  • Why the object was described as it was and how that description shaped the experience,
  • Ways of understanding the experiences that participants report, and much, much more.

What Students Are Saying...

“I would definitely be eager to have more of Chase. There was so much enthusiasm in the room. I was on the edge of my chair waiting to hear what he had next to say. Yay!”

Maya Donna Edwards


“I am feeling overwhelmingly great this morning. Your weekly meditation and meditation planning… webinars are a fascinating, delicious treat. I’m feeling so much more confident now. The impossible seems more doable.”

Carrie Heeter

Wednesday Morning Meditations

“Thank you again for your lovely retreat yesterday. You both shed light on so many nuanced shifts that I’d been making but hadn’t really paused to think about. It was really a joy this morning to recognize them and feel that extra nudge to embrace and more clearly “link” with them.”

Kate Vogt


“I am sincerely grateful for having had the opportunity to bring you to little Sturgis, SD. Bringing you here, I had high expectations, and you, your teaching style, and the workshop in its entirety greatly exceeded those expectations.”

Scottie Bruch