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Walnut Creek, CA  

Dcember 9, 2017

Patanjali's YogaSutra: Yoga's Path to Freedom  

The great Indian sage, Patañjali saw how deeply yoga could influence a life of contentment & joy. He created a text of 196 sutras to help us achieve this "state of yoga". This text, Patañjali's YogaSūtra, is one of the most influential texts of yoga. It has often been referred to as a guidebook to life.

Berkeley, CA 

January 12-14, 2018

Living a Life of Viniyoga: Bringing the State of Yoga into Your Daily Life 

How do you learn to live a state of yoga?  

The viniyoga approach shows how yoga views the mind, breath, body & spirit united as one complete being. This perception empowers us for deep personal discovery, transformation & well-being. Join us for a presention of this viniyoga tradition of yoga in a clear & organized way that encourages practical application into your daily life.  

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