Bringing your practice into your every breath. 

Looking for a way to continue advancing your yoga knowledge off the mat? But need something a little flexible with your schedule?  

At Yoga Well Institute, we get you. Life happens. This is why we treasure our online classes so much. Structured to be able to meet you where you are, we record all of our classes & keep them available online 24 hour/7 day a week access. If you can catch the class live, beautiful! If not, just as fine. 

Yoga is an experiential learning. We hold a special place for our virtual classrooms to continue the conversation outside of class through our online chatrooms. Just because you may not be able to attend live doesn't mean you have to miss the discussion. This significant piece of our classes helps strengthen the experiential aspect of these lessons.

We create our online classes for you to incorporate the powerful tools of yoga into your daily life. Helping to nurture a deeper practice into a more consistent state of wellness & joy. 



Classical Indian Philosophy An Exploration through the Roots of Yogic Philosophy  


Interested in the contextual background of yoga as it applies to life today?

Yoga carries a rich source of learning Life through the literature handed down over the generations. These ancient texts guide you gently into the process for finding true contentment; even when confronted with life’s most challenging choices.

2 DAYS ONLY: Saturday, December 2nd & 9th 6am - 10am PST


Stay tuned for Winter Courses coming soon!


Morning Meditations



Does meditation seem to increase inner chatter instead of quiet calm? 

A successful meditation is not just an action, it is a process. In only 30 minutes, once a week, allow yourself to be guided through the process of meditation

LIVE: Wednesdays 7am PDT (10am EDT)

Meditation Course Planning



Are you inspired to share the experience of guided meditation with others?

Go deeper into how to make meditations work in this exclusive bundle package. 1 hr, 2x a month join the discussion on the process of meditation.

LIVE: Wednesdays 7:45am PDT (10:45am EDT)

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