Providing a personal approach to healing 

 Yoga Well Yoga Therapist Certification

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga for Healthy Living

Do you ever find yourself...

  • Looking for a more holistic approach to modern medicine
  • Seeking to inspire personal wellness from within
  • Determined to treat the individual not the health condition

You see people as individuals. You want to help people be involved in their own personal healing process. When you can teach self-awareness & self-maintenance, you uncover the understanding of how to heal…Because this is how genuine joy & wellness are manifested. 

Awaken Your Path to Holistic Healing. 

Yoga therapy is an integrative & holistic wellness practice. This way of managing wellness gives you the ability to empower your clients in their own health & wellbeing. Because you focus on the individual, yoga becomes a therapeutic source for healing & personal transformation. As a yoga therapist, you are a gateway for igniting this in others.

Choosing to Look Within

External suffering is frequently a result of a personal internal infliction. Because we are all so unique, you often need to dig deeper to find the root cause of pain & discomfort. 

Yoga Therapy shows you how to go beyond the illness/condition. As a yoga therapist, you can identify individual patterns, habits, experiences & thought processes influencing general wellness.

Yoga therapy is not based on what tools are being used, but the deeper understanding of how these tools interact with our human system… 

Yoga Therapist

Shift your perspective slightly to see yourself as several interrelated dimensions

  • the physical body
  •  breath 
  • mind 
  • personality 
  • emotions 

And even deeper to the flow of … vitality (prāṇa) & digestion (agni).

These are the tools consciousness (pūruṣa) uses to operate with & experience life. This is the basis of yoga as a holistic way to promote healing & wellbeing. Because each of our dimensions are interconnected, they are deeply dependent on each other as well. 

This holistic approach to healing teaches you to communicate with your entire being. Through yoga, you learn to listen & understand your internal ‘voice’. As a result, you become actively engaged in managing your health & wellness. Consequently, you discover the tools & confidence to encourage this health management in others. This viniyoga approach to healing relies on direct study of each individual to create an organic wellness plan. 

See it in Action

Imagine a moment in which you were angry (emotional). What happened, how were you affected? 

Your breathing may have become short & shallow (breath). As a result, did your face turn red or your hands begin to tremble (physical). Because of your physical uncomfortableness, did your attitude turn negative (mental)? Perhaps your communication may even have turned aggressive (personality).

Yoga for Therapeutic Healing

Two of the most powerful tools that can influence your system are attentive movement & conscious breathing

Why? Because they form a language that allows us to communicate with our mind, body & emotions. The viniyoga of yoga translates this language to you as you become a yoga therapist.

Viniyoga Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy observes the individual’s:

  • Physical condition & capacities
  • Mental state
  • Emotional well-being
  • Tendencies or habits

to guide you into creating an appropriate practice for the individual. As the individual grows & changes, your observations adjust their personal practice along with these developments.

Yoga Therapy shows us how to use these tools of yoga:

  • Āsanas - physical movements & postures
  • Prāṇāyāma - conscious breathing
  • Mūdra - sound & chanting
  • Dhāraṇā - visualization
  • Dhyāna - meditation
  • Āyurveda - diet & lifestyle factors
  • Attention exercises
  • Self reflection

to speak to one specific dimension of our being, while consequently influencing all of our other dimensions.

For example, if you offer a meditative practice to a client to work on calming their mind. As a result, their emotions may become more peaceful & content. Consequently their physical body begins to relax, potentially releasing discomfort or strain. Ultimately engaging the initiation of healing.

Program Highlights: Principles & Practice

Our 1000+ hr Viniyoga Yoga Therapist Program is organized into 6 primary curriculum categories as well as over 200 hours devoted to Practicum Prep & Delivery.

Foundations of Yoga

Experience how the ancient yoga texts apply to the nature of mind, suffering, & how yoga views our human system.

Upāya: Tools of Yoga

Learn how to apply the tools of yoga & āyurveda in a therapeutic context while creating unique practices to fit each client. 

 Yoga Therapy: Intake to Follow up

The prescriptive aspect of yoga therapy from preparing the therapeutic environment through follow-up & individual evaluation.

Yoga for healing


 Doing the work. You are required to complete a minimum of 150 clinical hours as the lead therapist for (planning & executing) in person yoga therapy sessions with clients. This is broken down into indivudial & group therapy sessions. You will, separately, spend 50+ hrs with practicum documentation & preparation. Your primary teacher will be a key part of your practicum preparation & mentorship.

Health & Disease Models

Explore both the western (allopathic) & eastern approach to the human organism – physically, physiologically & psychologically.

Practicing Yoga Therapy

Focus on the process of yoga therapy, intiating the teacher-student relationship & conducting an intake assessment.  

Yoga Therapy in Western Society

Foundational focus for your yoga therapy practice; ethics & laws. What are your boundaries & saṅgha support.

How has this Yoga Therapist Training impacted you?

"The first weekend of training... I was a wreck. Those were hard months. So much uncertainty. I trusted the practice & stayed with it and experienced how stabilizing it can be. Thank you. I feel I was able to be connected and present in the last months of my cousin's life, during the long hospital stays for my dad, visiting all the loved ones surrounding those two. I feel I was able to enjoy them, to breathe in the ways I love them & not have my worry & heartache dominate our moments." ~ Coty D. Yoga Therapy Student

Experience it

Our Yoga Therapist Certification Program is designed for you to intergrate this viniyoga practice into every moment in your life. Because we believe viniyoga is experiential, some of our core requirements is your personal daily practice, regular sessions with your primary teacher, as well as practicing journal writing. Additionally you will experience the ancient teachings of yoga:

  • Yoga Philosophies: Patañjali’s YogaSutra, Bhagavad Gita & Taittirīya Upaniṣad
  • Ayurvedic system of health & wellness
  • The wisdom of the Vedas

Because these are essential tools to guide you into understanding how we, as human beings, function. 

Our Yoga Well Yoga Therapist Certification Program will take place in Nashville, TN beginning January 2018. This program will run for approximately 3 1/2 yrs. 

Pre-Requisites for the Yoga Well Yoga Therapist Certification Program:

  • Completion of 200-hr yoga teacher training
  • One year experience of teaching yoga
  • At least one year of daily personal yoga practice
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older

15 5-day In Person Modules

AM & PM Online Distance Learning 

Yoga Therapist Training

We have purposely created space between the in person sessions to fully integrate the application of viniyoga into your daily life. This time also allows space for your personal practice to strengthen & grow.

Immerse yourself in the teachings of Śri T. Krishnamacharya as studied & shared by his son, Mr. TKV Desikachar. 

"Krishnamacharya's Yoga is based upon absolute respect for the individual, absolute devotion to the infinite potential within each of us.

It is Yoga that is always practical in matters of the body, mind & spirit."

- Mr. TKV Desikachar

Given the name viniyoga by Mr. TKV Desikachar, this yoga is for life & for living

In Sanskrit, viniyoga means “special adaptation” or “appropriate application”. The idea of viniyoga is for all tools of yoga be adapted to each individual. Patañjali uses this word to say you must practice “according to the ground one stands on” (III:6). With every student or client, you utilize their current health & life situation to guide you towards an appropriate individual practice. Simply explained by Śri Krishnamacharya, yoga must be adapted to the individual, not the other way around.

 The viniyoga way of experiencing yoga is essential for the full potential of yoga as a therapeutic & transformative practice.

Unique Tools to Guide You on Your Journey 

Becoming a Yoga Therapist is a very powerful process. To truly understand how the tools of yoga work, you will live this experience as you learn it. Because this yoga therapist program immerses you into the process, you may undergo deep healing & transformation yourself. Accordingly, we will initiate the source for your personal support along the way.  

True to the viniyoga tradition is the introduction of your personal mentor or primary teacher. Because this is such a powerful source for your own personal development, we recommend this step at the very beginning. You can even begin this process before you apply. 

Your Personal Mentor will:

  • Act as your personal guide throughout the entire Yoga Therapist Certification Program
  • Mold your daily practice based on your personal objectives
  • Be your Practicum guide on individual & group yoga therapy sessions
  • Provide yoga therapy observation opportunties  
  • Critique & guide your course planning & development
  • Act as a personal liaison to ensure optimal growth beyond this program.
holistic healing viniyoga

This mentoring relationship is recommended through a brief (30 minute) session with our Program Director, Chase Bossart. During this interview, you will be asked to identify your obstacles & goals, health & lifestyle. After this interview process, a mentor, in this lineage, will be recommended to you. 

We anchor ourselves in this practice because it has proven to be the most empowering tool for authentic growth & transformation. You will be introduced to a primary teacher that compliments YOU. Additionally, we introduce you to our Student Liaison to ensure maximum potential in this pivotal connection. Because this relationship is such a significant support throughout life’s ups & downs, we encourage this practice with all teachers & practitioners. This is a relationship that can stay with you throughout your life, not just in this program.

This primary teacher relationship, as mentioned in the Taittirīya Upaniṣad, is the heart of yoga & is central to the viniyoga of yoga tradition.

On Mentor Relationships 

"[In talking with my mentor about my future] at one point in the conversation [my mentor] said 'I think you know what you are going to do' …when I got off the call I realized two things: 1) there are very few people in my life, if anyone else really, who I could hear that from & believe it & 2) I had absolute trust that he wouldn’t have said that if he wasn’t actually experiencing that & I have come to have a level of trust in this person’s capacity to see me clearly." ~ Elena W. 2015 Graduate

Carrying the Tradition of Viniyoga

For decades, our teachers has been living & breathing viniyoga everyday. 

When your teachers are not leading live training weekends, their time is donated to yoga therapy research. As more & more research is being done, more proof is produced to show how significant yoga therapy is for health & wellness. Because of this intimate approach, modern science has begun to recognize the therapeutic value of yoga. As a result, yoga therapy is becoming more integrated into conventional medical care around the world. 

Our programs help hundreds of people find the source of sickness & discontent. The practice of viniyoga has guided relief from physical, mental & spiritual suffering. Viniyoga shows you how to bring your brain, emotions & spirit into alignment. Therefore, regardless of the obstacles in your path, you can maintain wellness, contentment & joy. 

Our 1000 hr Yoga Therapist Program gives you the structure & support to provide this for others. 

As teachers, we continue to be students of viniyoga. The art & science of living the viniyoga tradition is a continued practice. It is our purpose to share this viniyoga tradition to experience it in your lives. And, as a result, give you the confidence to effectively share viniyoga as a way to help others.

Our teachers have been honored to learn this viniyoga method from Mr. TKV Desikachar himself. With gratitude, they have dedicated their lives to sharing this yoga with the world.

Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Chase Bossart, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500 

A personal student of Mr. TKV Desikachar for over 20 yrs, Chase has devoted his life to living & teaching therapeutic yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. 

Students find Chase to be an exceptionally clear communicator, presenting these trainings in a way that is easy to integrate into daily life.


Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Dr. Dolphi Wertenbaker, MD

Dr. Wertenbaker is a long-time student of Mr. TKV Desikachar & has been teaching yoga since 1985, emphasizing individual therapeutic work. She is a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.

 Students find that Dolphi’s teaching brings clarity, compassion & depth to the subject at hand.

This practice of yoga therapy is applicable to all aspects of your being:

  • Managing personal health & wellness
  • Engaging deep healing & recovery
  • Maintaining positive growth & development
  • Cultivating & nourishing relationships 
  • Connecting with & accentuating spirituality 

...and so much more.

In this Yoga Therapist Program, you will...

  • Observe yoga’s holistic approach to living & being
  • Experience how to use different variations of yoga tools & techniques for personalized healing
  • Discover how to integrate this viniyoga tradition to match each individual
  • Become confident in identifying each person’s unique needs as they change over time 
  • Establish the skills to develop viniyoga practices influencing multiple dimensions 
  • Understand significant ethical, legal, and business components to becoming a yoga therapist. 

Completion of this training gives you the ability to see each person as an individual, not a symptom or a disease.

Yoga Alliance registered, Yoga Well Institute has submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program, & will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process.

Full Training Tuition: $11,997

Save $997 by paying in full before the first in person weekend