Teaching The Transformative Power Of Viniyoga

At the Yoga Well Institute we provide practical teachings and methods that create sustainable transformation and help people live a purposeful and satisfying life.

Vibrant Health

Yoga is often associated with physical health, however, your overall wellbeing involves much more than the body.

Mental Wellness

Yoga allows a presence of mind that gives us greater capacity to choose experiences that support how we want to feel.

Balanced Living

Yoga is a state of being in which the entire mind-body system is in balance. Encouraging this state is what we call “practice.”

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Meditation is an important foundation for a fully present, joyful and balanced life. Its benefits have been well-documented, but many people struggle to find inner quiet in their meditation.

We have many tools for calming the mind, but the first step is to prepare for meditation so you can approach the process in the right state.

How To Prepare For Meditation

In this video, our Director, Chase Bossart, walks you through 3 important steps for preparing to have an intentional and expanded meditation experience.

3 Steps in Preparing to Meditate

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My appreciation for this course is recurrent.

It’s amazing, sometimes I think nothing really happened for me in the Wednesday Morning Meditation, then I join the discussion in The Application of Meditation and it leads somewhere that offers significant insight. My appreciation for this course is recurrent.

Kathleen Kennedy

Your Journey

We believe your Yoga practice, whether you have one yet or not, should always meet you wherever you are right now. We have tools and opportunities for the next step on your path. Which one is right for you?

Words of Wisdom

How Meditation Helps Your Health

How Meditation Helps Your Health

A health problem is your body’s way of saying, “I’m out of balance.” And it’s likely to be accompanied by negative thinking, sadness, anxiety and/or nervousness. When you get sick, your mind is as affected as your body is. And...

Are You Worthy?

Are You Worthy?

Being Over-Busy Do you know people who make themselves over-busy? They have a busy job, with lots of responsibility, kids that seem to always have activities going and then they volunteer for every project, committee, and fundraiser? Are you one of those people? If...

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

All of us - at some point in our life - get stuck in a rut. We go to the same restaurants, always go to the beach, or even go to the same beach for vacation. In and of itself, these things are not bad. Sometimes, it’s about tradition and that’s great! But it becomes a...